Hello and Happy Spring!

Firstly, with the rainy arrival of Spring in Vancouver, we are that little bit closer to the implementation of our 20+ research sites. Over the next few (hopefully sunnier) weeks, we are going to be working hard to begin preparing the land for seeding in late April, just in time for the growing season to begin. This means removing the areas of lawn, tilling the soil, pulling the weeds, pulling the weeds and you guessed it, pulling the weeds. 

Secondly, we are also in the process of trying to find that last little bit of funding, for seed, signage and workshop materials, at which point the wheels will be in motion and the community work can begin.

Finally, the 'Protect The Pollinators' talk last night by the Sierra Club Canada Foundation and Hives For Humanity was incredibly educational and productive. The Sierra Club Canada Foundation is doing some brilliant research into neonics and the industrial influence on our pollinators whilst Hives For Humanity's community work, in East Hastings, is outstanding.

Have a look at their work here: